Welcome to
World Champion Karate Academy

Located in
Bowling Green Ky
since 1978.

Welcome to World Champion Karate Academy. We have been training and sharing the benefits of martial arts with Bowling Green Ky since 1978. Our state of the art training center provides the perfect backdrop for developing the skill and determination needed to succeed in martial arts. WCKA is staffed by professional, experienced, instructors, who have dedicated their lives to sharing the power of martial arts with the community. Sensei Marty Eubanks is a 7th degree Black Belt with 40 years experience in Karate. Sensei Eubanks is a 2 time World Champion and 7 time National Champion. All of our instructors are certified black belts. We offer many classes to accommodate your busy schedule. Regardless of your age or level of experience, we have a program that is tailored just for you.

At WCKA, we not only teach technique, we build character through inner-strength, courage, vision, respect, and discipline. The spiritual side of martial arts is not ignored.

Come in for a free introductory class!  We offer a patient, supportive atmosphere.  All ages welcome!

karate will give you the strength to learn not only how to fight, but how not to fight. You will learn how to defend yourself in certain situations but also have the strength to walk away.
Karate builds your inner courage not only will you be brave enough to stand up for yourself but you will also learn that true courage is not fearlessness, but being able to overcome fear. Courage is being able to stand for what you know is right, and to say “NO!” to negative peer pressure. It is the quality of mind that enable a person to face difficulty, danger & fear. When fear is reduced, confidence is instilled & success becomes more frequent.
Knowing what to do in a bad situation is not enough – it’s doing what you know is right that counts. Self Discipline teaches you to focus, which in turn creates self-motivation and the inner desire to do what is right.
The “Do” aspect of Karate gives a deep meaning or vision. Karate has no limits, and can be a life long journey to inner peace.
Karate teaches respect for others, while building your strength, courage, and discipline you will also build self-respect.
Karate builds a child’s confidence through personal empowerment, by setting long and short term goals, having them complete those goals, by giving them the chance to succeed, and acknowledging that success.


There was a time where a black belt meant something, back when it took years and years of training, dedication, and hard work. Those who wore a black belt around their waist had proudly earned it, and they knew how to handle themselves like any true martial artist should in any situation inside and outside the karate school.

At Eubanks World Champion Karate we still hold true to those ideas, and beliefs which is why our students consistently out preform all other schools in this area, and when you see our students compete in the state , regional, and nation wide tournaments you will be amazed at the level of our school.

Real Karate

Their are many schools out there that have karate signs on the door ready to sign you up that are not even teaching real karate. We call these McDojos. A McDojo is a school that teaches a watered-down and unrealistic form of karate all in the name of making money. They place the importance of profit well ahead of teaching anything realistic, or credible in terms of self-defense, and are dangerous in the aspect that they send unprepared & often over confident students into the world thinking they are a national champion when in actuality they have no real martial art skills. This can cause harm to you, or your child in several ways for example if a negative situation should arise and you did not know how to properly handle yourself you could get hurt physically, or emotionally. Here at WCKA we teach traditional and effective  martial arts. McDojos teach a lot of bullshido, which is a term used to define deception, fraud, and lies in terms of martial arts. They make money off of ordinary people’s lack of knowledge in the martial arts world. We suggest that you visit several schools when making a decision about you or your childs martial arts training so that you can see the difference in what we teach verses the other schools in Bowling Green.

Signs of a McDojo

Here are some sure signs you should watch out for when choosing a martial arts school.

  • Misleading info: If the sign on the door says karate, but when you enter you find out it is something else. (For example Tae kwon do, and/or Kung fu is not the same as Karate).
  • Testing: Each student should be tested for each belt level, and not given a rank or promotion until they have earned it.
  • Overcharging: If the equipment (gear/uniforms/weapons) costs too much, a real school is not going to overcharge and will not have hidden fees, or outrageous equipment fees.
  • Belt Factory: If students are promoted quickly, for example reaching a new rank every month, and a black belt after one year, skill is usually overlooked by the ability to pay for testing fees.
  • Lack of sparring: The school rarely spars or never spars, for whatever reason. Everyone in the school should learn to spar.
  • Tournaments: If the school, or the instructor forbids entering open tournaments, or if tournaments are restricted to specific styles or associations. Think about it how will you truly know you are getting the best training if you don’t compete against other competitors from different schools with different styles? This is why we frequently attend open tournaments.
  • If the school has too many belts, or made up belts (such as camouflage, or kiddie belts).
  • The instructor rarely teaches his students, or shows up for work, and has his lower level assistants do the teaching.
    The instructor walks around like a king but doesn’t physically show any techniques.
  • While at a tournament, your opponent finds out who your teacher is, and high-fives his teacher.

If you are in the Bowling Green Ky area and are interested in what a real martial arts school has to offer, and would like to attend a school that teaches you credible, and real self-defense while building your core values then please contact us, or stop by the school for an introductory class.